Hypnotherapy + Counselling + NLP

Over the phone

Option 1 : Fast Recovery - for emergency situations

Option 2 : Deep healing and change work

Option 3 : Ongoing support with life changes

Calls are completely anonymous & confidential

Prices :

  • 20 for 30 minutes (Option 1 only)

  • 40 for 1 hour

  • 60 for 1 hours (recommended for Options 2 & 3)

Call Stephen Koolman at...
Office number 0845 2011570 (charged as a local rate call) or +44-1453-751274
In Emergences only txt my mobile on +44-7753-465783
I can also be reached by Email at stephen@koolman.com


I also see people who live in or near Gloucestershire, UK

Work Address:
Stephen Koolman
Life Changes
F21a The Old Convent
Beeches Green

"We are never alone.
Help is always available and possible.
As long as we are open to receive it,
and believe that change is possible"

And what we should know,
and remind ourselves in those dark moments, is that...
change is always possible, even if in those moments we can't see how.