Signs, Planets & Houses

The basic building blocks of Astrology


Aries: fast, direct, courageous, enjoyment of beginnings, fresh, ready to start something new, full of energy, impatient to see results, ready to attack rather than be frustrated or stuck; can be aggressive.

Taurus: grounded, dependable, practical, earthy, radiates earth energy which is healing for others, slow, quiet, concerned about security; can be stubborn and unchanging.

Gemini: easy communication, at least two of everything, charming and bright expression alternates with hidden sadness; can be unreliable.

Cancer: emotional sensitivity, up and down moods, family-loving, half childish and half like a loving parent, caring or needing to be cared for, nurturing; can be possessive, clingy.

Leo: warm, friendly, open hearted, loving, dramatic, encouraging, enjoys leading or entertaining other people, proud of one's self, sunny; can be too loud, arrogant and pushy, pride can be easily hurt.

Virgo: desire to improve life, helpful, efficient, wanting to be right, afraid of making mistakes, performance anxiety – what others think; can seem critical of self and others, fussy.

Libra: diplomatic, relating pleasantly, balancing interest in self with interest in others, peace-making, supporting the under-dog, listening to all sides in an argument; hesitant for fear of spoiling things.

Scorpio: emotional understanding, feeling things very deeply, strong, determined, wanting to know what is going on under the surface, ‘nosey’, intense; can be unkind and vengeful.

Sagittarius: enthusiastic, optimistic, sees positive possibilities, interested in everything, full of fun, enjoying discussion, traveling, teaching, exploring; can spread too thin, expecting others to understand.

Capricorn: working to achieve desired end, doing one’s best, careful, results more important than feelings, strong and reliable; can take too much responsibility, can be too serious or bossy.

Aquarius: freedom and independence, detachment giving clear vision, seeing the best way to organise people, inspired by humanitarian causes, knowing the best way to do things, observing people, tends to be right; can seem cold and unfriendly.

Pisces: having no boundaries, emotional and psychic and spiritual awareness, feeling others’ feelings, wanting to help others feel better; can be resentful, forgetting to ask for help.


Sun: radiant energy - the essential self, our sense of identity and vitality, the nature of our happiness, the qualities of our spiritual expression

Moon: reactive energy - the instinctive, unconscious self, represents child and mother

Mercury: mental energy - conscious thought, communication, our style of learning

Venus: love energy - how we attract and relate to others, how we recognise love and how we show love, what we are attracted to

Mars: desire energy - the energy we use in order do things, needs to be regenerated

Jupiter: expansive energy - how we develop and grow, how we give and receive

Saturn: structuring energy - how we relate to authority, discipline, necessities, fears

Chiron: catalyst energy- where our vulnerability is, lack of confidence, hurts and heals

Uranus: electrical energy - freedom, separation, loss, where we tend to feel trapped

Neptune: dissolving energy - our intuition, confusion, spiritual contact

Pluto: transformative energy – important issues, domination, self-change

Moon's South Node - our habits and innate skills, paste life experience, the tool kit that our spirit brought into this life to help carry out its purpose

Moon's North Node - our calling, what we are drawn towards, the direction in life that satisfies, our spiritual joy

HOUSES (time and place of birth is required to use these) :-

First (or Rising sign or Ascendant): your personal style in life, how you tend to approach anything new

Second: what you need to appreciate about yourself in order to be self-sufficient

Third: how you communicate, school, siblings and neighbours, information

Fourth (or IC): your roots, early life, what you need as your foundation, personal security

Fifth: your creative self-expression, recreation, how you relate to children and lovers

Sixth: how you organise your day, working life, health, colleagues, service to others

Seventh (or Decendant): one-to-one relationships, what you need and tend to project in a relationship

Eighth: the deeper issues of life, the structures that underlie appearances

Ninth: your attitude to life, what you like to learn about or teach, traveling

Tenth (or Mid Heaven or MC): career / vocation, your ideals and how you achieve them in the world, your heroes

Eleventh: your relationship with groups, friendships, the public, the audience

Twelfth: your inner world, unconscious, dreams, spirit companions, past lives