Astrological Phone Reading

Have a personal  interactive1-to-1 chart reading, over the phone with a Professional Astrologer (with over 20 years of experience) from the comfort of your own home. Ask about whatever is concerning you in your life at the moment. You will receive a recording of the phone reading and a copy of your chart.

Example questions people have asked ...

  • What work would suit my character best or be most rewarding for me?

  • What sort of man/woman should I be looking for, for a long term relationship?

  • What are my best skills?

  • What would be the best focus for me over the next year or two?

  • Am I compatible with this other person? Where do we get on? Where might we have difficulties?

  • I am always tired! What is likely to get my energy going?

  • My son is struggling at school, what's going on for him? When will it get easier? How can I support him?

  • I am going through a tough time. How long is it likely to last?

So what do I need to do? Its just 4 easy steps...

1. Click on the "Buy Now" button below, and near the bottom of the PayPal web page that will open there is an option to pay by Credit Card - or - if you are applying for a reading by letter you could send a cheque for 40 payable to Howard Koolman instead.

2. Send your details

  • Your Name

  • Your Date of Birth

  • Your Time of Birth (the more precisely the better)

  • Your Place of Birth (your closest town)

  • I can do a general reading covering all major areas of life, OR you may have specific areas of life which you want to ask questions about. If you are not sure what Astrology chart can show then go to the 'Signs, Planets & Houses' & 'Astrological Tools' links on the left.

  • Also any relevant information about your current situation or history that will help keep the reading specific to your situation.

  • A Landline telephone number you can be called on for 1 hour for the purpose of the reading

  • When you can be contacted at the number you specified above, either NOW, today or sometime over the next week.

  • Your email or postal address. So that I can either email you the link to download the recording of the chart reading (mp3 format, 40MB file size) or post the reading to you on a CD.

Send all this to me by email ( or
by letter to Howard Koolman, F21a The Old Convent, Stroud, GL5 4AD, UK

3. I will send you your chart by email (as a jpeg file) - or - can post you your chart to your address if you do not have email.

4. Lastly, you will need to be ready at the phone you have chosen to have the reading on at the time agreed. Readings usually last between 60-75 minutes

Readings are usually delivered between 9am to 5pm UK time, Monday to Friday unless a special arrangement has been agreed.