Astrology is a science, because it is based on a set of precepts (meanings of the signs of the zodiac, planets etc) which are then tested against peoples actual experience, and then fed back into the Astrological community, just as traditional science tries to do. The only difference is that Astrology is dealing with peoples feelings and experience, which in its very nature is subjective and amorphous, as opposed to the physical sciences which is reduced to clear mathematical relationships.

Astrology is also a complex tool, with billions of permutations since it makes use of not only the Sun & the 12 signs of the Zodiac, but also all the other planets, asteroids and other astronomical points, which can tell us many things about ourselves, the opportunities that are present in our lives at any moment, where we are being encouraged to grow and focus, and where to be patient and circumspect. It can also give very a huge amount of detailed description on our relationships to different people, indicating where we connect with others and where the challenges are.

Astrology is very old, but is also evolving and so very modern too. With the advent of computers, and the discovery of new Astronomical objects using powerful telescopes, complex astrological charts can be drawn up in a matter of seconds which previously would have taken an hour or more. So new techniques have evolved which allow astrologers to look through time in ways that were not possible before.