Astrological Tools

How we can use Astrology

Astrology can be used in so many ways. Essentially a chart is drawn up like the one shown top-left, but with more detail, showing which signs & houses the planets are in and their relationships to each other (the coloured lines) for a particular moment in time (and place on the Earth).

The Birth (or Natal or Radix) Chart

For a persons Birth Chart this moment in time is taken from the time the baby draws its first breath after having been born or when the umbilical cord is cut. This gives a very very precise time of birth. Astrologers 'ideally' want to know the time of birth to within 5 minutes and the place of birth to the nearest 10 miles. Even if the time is only know to within an hour, or maybe not known at all, a lot can still be seen (Sometimes the time of birth can be determined by looking at possible charts on that day and relating it to the person, its a very hit and miss process). This 'Birth Chart' then describes the basic psychological foundation thru which all experience is viewed. It will also determine, to a large extent, the sort of choices the person makes in their lives, BUT it does NOT tell us what events 'will' happen in the persons life! Interestingly it also does NOT tell us whether the person will essentially be a 'good' or a 'bad'. the charts of Saints and Sinners are largely indistinguishable! All a chart shows is the positive and negative potential for the person, which avenue they choose is down to the spirit which is beyond what Western Astrology can tell us.

Charts for Animals (Pets, Race horses, etc), companies, countries and other 'Things' (like cars, boats, aeroplanes, watches etc) can also be calculated, drawn up and interpreted - as long as the beginning or 'moment of birth', launch or purchase (to within at least a day) can be determined or remembered!

Astrology of Relationships

This can simply be done be comparing two Birth Charts. There is a massive amount of information and detail that can be shown in this way. One can look at the relationship between two people from lovers, work colleagues and enemies; relationships between people and things, leaders and countries, directors and companies, all sorts can be interpreted.

Two other Astrological Charts also need to be taken into consideration when looking at relationships they are...

Davison Relationship Chart - is the Chart of the moment midway between the Birth Charts (in Time & by place) of the two people concerned.

Composite Chart - is the Chart where the midpoints between each pair of planets is calculated.

Astrology of Influences (or Astrological Weather or Prediction)

This is where the planets in a moment in time, called the 'Transits' of the moment (maybe this moment, or a moment in the past when a major event occurred, or a future moment like a planned wedding date for example) is checked against a person or things own Birth Chart. It tells of what influences are active and how they will effect the individual on a personal inner level (and in potentially outer circumstances).

Astrology of Evolvement (or Progressions)

This is where we look at the planets positions 'x' days after the Birth, for every actual 'x' years after the Birth that has elapsed. For example I was born on 15-Aug-1967 and in Aug'07 I shall be 40, so to see where I am in my evolvement when I am 40, I need to look at the planetary positions and aspects 40 days after I was born 24-Sep-1967. Sounds strange I know. But, as the old axiom goes, if it works use it, and it definitely works for most people. This kind of Astrology can show us when we make life changes, or where & when we spontaneously change within ourselves, or our character changes in some way.

Annual Forecasts (or Solar Returns)

Is another branch of Astrology where are chart is drawn up for the Birthday and provides a snapshot of what the year holds. The Precise moment of the chart is when the Transiting Sun (the Sun on the Birthday) precisely goes over the Birth Sun. In actuality this can be a day before or after the birthday itself.

Electional Astrology

Is the Astrology of selecting the best day or time for an event. (See Astrological Weather above)

The Astrology of asking and answering questions (or Horary Astrology)

Is the Astrology of asking and answering questions. In this system a chart is drawn up for the moment a person asks the Astrologer 'The Question'. This chart is then interpreted using Horary rules of Interpretation, somewhat different from normal chart interpretation. This form of Astrology was pioneered in the middle ages and is practised by only a few astrologers today as it is quite different from other Astrology.